Sunday, July 15, 2012

Scarlett Johansson: Sexiness Hindered Career

Scarlett Johansson has said that her appearance has occasionally impacted her career, causing her to miss out on roles she coveted because she is thought of as “too sexy.” She is the smouldering glamour queen of Hollywood, but Johansson says that her good looks aren’t always the best asset. 

“That has happened to me before, yeah. That’s always an unfortunate thing to figure out. ‘Why can’t you see?!’ For me, I would imagine casting someone, you would want to challenge yourself in some way,” an entertainment daily quoted her as saying. 

“It is so interesting to see actors transform. There are certainly plenty of times when I am definitely not sexy,” she said. 

Despite her complaint, the 27-year-old actress admitted taking care of herself and said that the secret to her looks are staying healthy, but not being too strict with herself when it came to diet and exercise. “I live a relatively healthy lifestyle I think. Ish. I’m not overly strict. I like to go out and enjoy myself and drink a couple of glasses of wine and stay out late occasionally and eat a slice of cake,” she said. “I work out and eat well most of the time and try to get some rest. “(I eat) lots of kale. I try to stay away from meat and dairy and that,” she was quoted as saying. 

Director Cameron Crowe had been able to see past Johansson’s famous curves and pout, when he cast her as zookeeper Kelly in the Hollywood movie, “We Bought A Zoo”. ANI 

Text Source: Times of India

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