Monday, July 16, 2012

Shruti Hassan: I’ll not ask dad to pull in a favour

Shruti Hassan
You’ve just won a Filmfare for your south debut...
The feeling hasn’t sunk in yet. The Black Lady is decorating my living room now and I look at her often. It’s a familiar sight; I’m so used to seeing my dad’s awards on the racks and I’ve even picked up one of his trophies. But getting one on my own makes me feel blessed and fortunate. 

Your dad (Kamal Haasan) presented the award to you... It was a special moment. I was too tongue-tied to give an acceptance speech or chat with dad on stage. Moreover, I was busy running over pointers for my performance. I just told my dad that he has to stay back and watch my show. After my performance, we met up backstage and he congratulated me. 

Critics had written you off when your Bollywood debut failed to rake in the moolah… 

I know “Luck” didn’t fare well. But nobody walked out of the theatre saying Shruti can’t act or dance or express herself. It’s just that the fate of the film was not good. That said, I don’t
regret doing “Luck”. 

Shruti Hassan
How much of an influence does your father have on your career choices now? The door has been thrown open to me because I’m Kamal Haasan’s daughter. I had an advantage that not many have. Asking for more would be greed. I read the scripts that come my way and choose what’s good for me. I can only take suggestions from my dad, and not thrust on him the job of getting me a film. I’d never ask him to pull in a favour, and neither would he try to impose himself on me and my choices. 

The characters that you have played until now are unconventional... I don’t go around planning that I will play a fairytale princess in my first Telugu film and a scientist in my debut Tamil film! I’m open to playing any kind of role that comes my way. But I want to get excited when I listen to a narration. 
What about item numbers? Well, I haven’t thought of doing them as of now. I love dancing and I think I’d be pretty good at it. But I can’t see myself doing an item number. At least, not now. 

You’ve been fodder for gossip. Have you become immune to them now? Growing up as the daughter of star parents has given me a fair idea how the rumour mills work. I don’t take link-ups seriously. 

Text Source: Times of India

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