Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Singham sequel is not a copy: Rohit Shetty

Ajay, Rohit will move on to ‘Singham 2’ soon, says the trade talk

Encouraged by the weekend collections of their latest comic caper “Bol Bachchan”, one hears that Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty, who are now seen as being joined at the hip, are expected to advance the date of “Singham 2”. Asked if there was any truth to this trade talk, Ajay Devgn says, ““Singham 2” was always there.”

However, the actor refused to commit to a date on which the sequel will roll. “Where’s the hurry?” he asks. “Let Rohit, Abhishek Bachchan and me savour our “Bol Bachchan” success. Besides, Rohit and I have other commitments to finish before we get on to “Singham 2”.” 

    Rohit is slightly more forthcoming. Says he, “When people asked me if there’s friction between Ajay and me because he is doing “Himmatwala” next and I’m doing “Chennai Express,” I always suppressed a smile. In my heart, I always knew we’d do “Singham 2” after finishing
“Chennai Express”.” 

    Rohit also adds, “One of the reasons I was keen on a “Singham” sequel is because this film got Ajay and me tremendous respect from the cops and the janta. It has been playing on a certain television channel since August 2011 for 35-40 consecutive weeks. I think that is a record in itself. It also garnered the highest TRP when it premiered on the same
channel a year ago.” 

    But Rohit is a practical guy. He is sure that the sequel is not being done to massage either his or Ajay’s ego. Says he, “It’s not some ego trip for us. We found a fresh story for the sequel and that is why we started talking about a second part. The part one of “Singham” was a remake, but our sequel is not a copy.” 

    The director says he cannot reveal anything more because the script would need at least five months to be finished. We heard from sources at Rohit’s office that an elderly lady walked several miles to Rohit’s office just to see what the “Singham” director looked like. Ask him if this information is correct, and Rohit appears coy. “It is true,” he admits hestitantly. “I was moved when this old lady walked miles to come to my office. She gave me a hug and said, “I have seen “Singham” several times in the theatre and later in re-runs on television. I like the film immensely and I was curious to meet the guy who has made it. God bless you.” 
Text Source: Times of India

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