Saturday, July 21, 2012

Olivia Munn too scared to ride bikes

 Actress Olivia Munn is so terrified of riding her motorcycle on busy roads that she only takes it out of her garage in the dead of the night. “I’m afraid to ride because so many people have told me that I’m going to die. So I only ride from 2am to 4am around my neighbourhood. It’s the saddest. I get all geared up and I look so cool, and it’s just me and the coyotes... I don’t know why anybody would ever go onto the freeway,” a website quoted Munn as saying. The brunette beauty also revealed she is the owner of a top-of-theline bike, which she admits is too big for her. She added, “The only reason why I have it is because I bought it for an exboyfriend, it was his 30th birthday. We broke up and he tried to be a martyr and he said, ‘Just take the bike back.’” IANS 

Text Source: Times of India

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