Saturday, May 23, 2015


One country that has given us plenty of gorgeous women over the years has been Colombia, which has given us some of the sexiest women in the world.

We have seen plenty of hot Colombian women coming through the modelling industry over the years, as well as a few working in the music industry and some in the acting industry. Here we give you some of the hottest Colombian women that you should all already know.

1. Natalia Velez is a Colombian model who does not get anywhere near the recognition that her beauty deserves

2. Colombian stunner Manuela Arbelaez is best known for her modelling work but has also dabbled in acting too

3. Natalia Paris is clearly a stunning Colombian model and she also has her own personal care products range

4. Carolina Guerra is another Colombian beauty who has done more than just modelling with some television presenting and acting to her name

5. While Amparo Grisales has done her fair share of modelling over the years, she is actually best known for being an actress

6. Paola Andrea Rey is another hot Colombian star who is better known for her acting work than her modelling, although she is still as sexy as they come

7. Colombian hottie Veronica Orozco is one of the Colombian stars to enjoy success in the music industry

8. Lina Posado is one of those Colombian beauties with a body to die for

9. Paula Garces is as hot as they come and the Colombian star has been in the acting industry for many years now

10. Maria Fernanda Yepez is another Colombian stunner who has mixed her modelling work with her acting

11. Singer Shakira is one of the most famous and hottest Colombian women around

12. Sofia Vergara has been one of the sexiest Colombian women for the past couple of decades.

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