Sunday, October 28, 2012

Loose Your Virginity With Someone You Like – Vidya Balan

Bollywood actress Vidya Balan goes candid Unplugged in a Recent Book Event Launch . Vidya Discussed Issues on Women , Love ,Sex and Virginity .

She said ”People almost look down upon you if you are a virgin after a certain age, which is upsetting. What’s the hurry? There’s a lifetime to have sex and if you can wait and have it with someone you really like you’d enjoy it so much more. There’s so much pressure today on girls to have boyfriends. People look at you as if you are diseased if you don’t have one. And you are made to feel depressed on special days. I have gone through it too. ..”

“I was single for a long time and was asked about it. I would say I enjoy being single. Also, maybe because I led a full professional life, I didn’t feel the pressure much. I have lots of single friends. ”

One of my friends got married at 43 and lost her virginity, that’s how she chose it and while reading UNHOOKED, I felt as if I were reading her story. Also, if you want to have a romp every weekend, that too is fine. One must be free to choose,” Vidya added.

We Wonder how her Fans will React to this .

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