Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Poonam Pandey finally stripped for KKR on their IPL win

So, you have finally stripped...
Whichever team I support, wins the game. I am very happy for SRK and his team as I desperately wanted them to emerge victorious. I couldn’t strip during the World Cup since I didn’t get the letter from the BCCI. I got embroiled in a lot of court cases due to my announcement, which are still on. I didn’t want to overstep the limit back then. However, this time round, the situation was different since I didn’t have to go to the stadium. I did it within the four walls of my house and posted it on my account. I had to do it this time as I didn’t want to disappoint my fans. They would have thought that I only make tall claims and never fulfil them. I had already bored them with my bikini pictures, so this time I had to go a step further.
The strip act is for SRK or the entire team?
I have stripped for the whole team. They have played wonderfully this season. I still remember how Shah Rukh was jumping with joy and in his speech he said ‘one needs to be patient’. I don’t know if he is aware of my announcement. If he is, it’s only good for me. I really wanted to do this for him as I have been a huge SRK fan since my school days.
Is this an actual photograph or a photoshopped one?
It’s neither photoshopped, nor morphed. It’s all real. My official photographer clicked me at my house.
So what next?
All I want to say is that this picture is just a trailer and there is more to come. I am shooting for a movie starting next month and currently busy with my acting workshops. I would do everything that the script demands and there is no limit for me. My fan base mostly comprises youngsters. They follow me on the microblogging site and I keep them entertained by posting some good pictures and videos straight from my bathroom and bedroom. I serve them with new things. Nobody wants to see what’s been done to death already. The mantra is to offer them new things, which I always do.
How have your parents and boyfriend reacted to this bold step?
Funny part is they haven’t seen the picture as yet. I always tweet my picture first, and inform them later. They shout at me but then I convince them at the end. As far as my boyfriend is concerned, I don’t have one. I am in a relationship with my career and if I was in a relationship with a guy, I would have posted it on my account too. I prefer my fans over a boyfriend. 
Text Source: Times of India
Another Picture posted by Poonam Pandey on her micro blogging site.
She said: A guy doesn’t need a gal who will bend over backwards for him. He wants a gal who will bend over forward.

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