Sunday, December 4, 2011

Veena Malik wears only ISI tattoo as she poses nude

Veena Malik is no stranger to controversies. This time the sexy Pakistani girl has dared to literally bare it all for the cover of FHM magazine's December issue. Having hit the stands a day ago, the cover shows Veena in all her curvaceous glory, bringing to focus a mock tattoo saying ISI. 

Targeted at the other side of the border for indulging in anti-Islam, anti-nationalistic activities and blasphemy and scorned this side for being a Pakistani working "illegally", the actress gets candid not only for the cameras but also in her chat. This is her boldest shoot yet, or so she insists when topless pictures are shown to her.

You have seen me very closely... Do I look like the girl in those pictures? I have a very beautiful body if I decide to strip off and I'm not going to deny it," she said. The actress was also rumoured to be in a porn film. "But no one showed it to me," she laughs.

On the day of the shoot, India was playing West Indies at Wankhede stadium and Veena appeared interested in the conversation about when Sachin would make his 100th ton. She has a very strong cricket connect - once she single-handedly almost blew the lid off the match-fixing scandal that has seen three cricketers, including an erstwhile lover, in jail. "If only the PCB had listened to me, then Pakistan would have been free from the match-fixing stain," she rued. 

And what about her alleged lack of a work permit? "Do you think it's possible for a Pakistani to stay in India for even a day without a proper work permit?" She insists she comes to India only in 45-day spurts, which is what her Indian visa is valid for. "It's easier to get a five or 10-year visa to the UK or US than to get a visa to India," she said.

Source: India Today

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