Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kareena Kapoor's New Look

Kareena’s size zero figure has been a much-talked-about topic in gossip columns and shows, and she has flaunted her skinny look in many a magazine covers. But, are Indian women ready to take the size zero route? Kareena herself is no longer a size zero and has gained a lot of her weight back. So, what’s with the obsession?

Women have been known for their obsession with their body shape and figure. According to a recent survey released by cosmetics company Garnier, 7% of British women think about their body 50 times a day and that another 20% worry about their body shape 10 times a day.

The body shape these women crave for is not the slim figure of Kate Moss or Victoria Beckham but the enviable curves of Kylie Minogue and Catherine Zeta Jones. Thus they give a clear insight into what women really think when it comes to body shape and image.

Although the glam world has been glorifying thin figures for years now, women in day-to-day life do not want such thin bodies. They prefer that perfectly flat but firm stomach and don’t mind the curves. Not only do they fit into all clothes nicely, life also becomes easy when you are not trying to get anorexic to get that ‘twig’ figure. It is not surprising then that the hour-glass figure has been attracting the world for ages now. 

One of the prime reasons for this fetish for curves is because traditionally we have been seeing that our mothers, aunts and other women we interact with in our daily lives are women with curves and are not skinny. Most men subconsciously prefer women with curves as it coincides with a woman's ability to conceive children. People do not see the models flaunting thin bodies as a girl-next-door image. Women want to fill the dresses they wear to get that perfect fit. 

Meanwhile, do not misunderstand these curves to be fat. You can't disguise an overweight woman. Women prefer to have voluptuous figures but not obese. As already mentioned, bulges at the breasts and butts are liked but not when they fill out your tummies. In fact too big a butt or breast is also not liked by many.

However, it is a thing of the past when women tied a cloth around their breasts in order to make them appear thin and to get flat figures. Today voluptuous butts and breasts are called assets… and the policy is to “Flaunt it if you’ve got it”. Today’s real women disagree with media experts who claim size zero is in. They believe that “Real women have curves.”

Text Source: MSN

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