Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Katerina Kaif


Nickname- Kat

Height- 5' 8½" (1.74 m)

Katrina Kaif was born on July 16, 1984, in Hawaii. Her nick name is Kat. She is five feet and seven inches tall girl. Her father hails from Kashmir, India and her mother hails from Caucasion, Britian. She spent her childhood in Hawaii, but later on she came in London, UK. She started modeling for a jewellery campaign at the age of 14 in Hawaii. She has seven sisters. When she came India, she worked as a model for Fevicol, LG, Veet, Cola and Lakme. She has also worked as model with photographer Atul Kasbekar. She has various modeling assignments in Mumbai City due to her hourglass figure and gorgeous face. 

Katrina Kaif started her career as Bollywood actress from film "Boom", offered by film-maker Kaizad Gustad. Boom was her learning experience and some things going wrong. She did Telugu movies such as Allari Pidugu and Malliswari. In 2005, she has also done Hindi film- Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya. She performed well in this movie. Salman Khan, Sohail Khan and Sushmita Sen were her co-star in this movie. This movie did well at the box office. After this she got name and fame overnight. She has also appeared in Sarkar and she got well experience in this movie. She has also done Tamil movie -Bheema with Vikram as co-star. Malayam movie Balram Vs Taradas is her coming film with Mammooty as a co-star. 

Katrina Kaif has done several movies such as Malliswar, Sarkar, Allari Pidugu. These movies did not do well at the box offices. But now she has decided to wait to get a proper film. She never looks back. "Hum Ko Deewana Kar Gaye" is her hit movie. She has done good work with Akashay Kumar in this movie. It is a romantic film with some elements of comedy and has lovely music. She has performed the best in this movie. 

Katrina Kaif has insufficient knowledge of Hindi language, so her voice has been dubbed in all movies. She is very interested in dancing, therefore she learnt Kathak dance. She is doing practice of Kathak dance for 7 hours a day. She is very beautiful, simple, loyal, confident, possessive and emotional. She dislikes make-up and hates to do her hair at her place. She is captivating with her voluptuous figure and amazing looks. 

Katrina Kaif loves to go for shopping at UK and USA. Her favourite food is Japanese. She does not like spicy food. Tarun Tahiliani, Rina Dhaka and Rocky S are her favourite Indian designers. Her favourite international designers are Versace, Armani and Miu Miu. She likes trustworthy honest and loyal people. 

Katrina Kaif is introvert person and she does not like to go to the parties. Sometimes she wants to go outside with her friends. She and Salman Khan are good friends of each other. Presently, she is the most attractive actress in Bollywood and youngsters became the fans of her. She likes to do every kind of movies and her dreams have only just begun. 

Personal Quotes 

"It's not my style to either wear minimum clothes, to strip or to even be comfortable with a sex-symbol label. I just want to do good work instead of sporting such meaningless tags. Sex sells, but to a small extent, not always. And this is what filmmakers have to accept. The exposure has to be relevant to the film and its characters and not forced for the sake of titillation. On the contrary, some of the greatest Indian films have been devoid of all these sexual trappings. I know my comfort zone in today's Indian culture and society."

Her thoughts on Bollywood accepting her, being an outsider British girl, into Indian cinema: "I have no complaints. I think I'm especially lucky. As you said, I've come from outside and I'm not even anywhere closely connected. But I have absolutely no problem here. People have been more than welcoming, even before I was ready. There was a time when I felt that I need to take time to understand more about the industry, the workings of it. I was doing my modeling, which I really wanted to do at the time. So that's why even my entry into films was later than people expected." (Stardust magazine, July 2006)

"I've been very blessed, I think, or what do you call it... mmm... lucky to get at this stage what I have. It's not like I've come from acting school and done work at an academy or something. I feel I've been given a very huge chance and opportunity." (Stardust magazine, July 2006)

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